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Farm managment

Install on windows

The windows program is distributed as a zip file available here. To install is, simply extract it.

The cpp-msmodels.exe file can be launch by double clicking it, or from a terminal. This second allow you to see the program output, event after the program finishes. to do so : go in the start menu, run cmd. Then change to the correct directory by typing cd "c:\xxx\yyy\zzz". Press enter, then type mingw-msmodels.exe

Note that notepad is not able to edit text files, so install any other text editor (like notepad++).

When cpp-msmodels is launched without agrument, it loads the files in/farmer.txt and code>in/log.txt. If arguments are specified, all the files provided as arguments are loaded.

The output is in out/test.sqlite3. Configurable output file will be added in a future version.

You don't have to touch other files.

Code and maths


MSModels is a tool for simulating heterogeneous models that run at different time scales. This simulator uses a generalization of DEVS formalism, that allow easy asynchronous communication among models.


Unit lite is an alternative to boost units that handle compile-time checking of unit consistency, multiples of units and unit pretty print. This library is designed to be more user friendly than the boost one with easy to use syntax, faster compilation, and easier to read error messages. This library is published under the LGPL 3.0 license.

TCA : Triggers, conditions and actions

Tca is a general formalism used to model (farmer) decisions.